Realization #37 – The Art of Mastery

So how do we get to Mastery? What is the ‘magic’ word? The answer: Acceptance.

So many times we view our lives in retrospect, looking back and thanking God for us not marrying that ‘one special person’ we thought we could not live without….or so grateful we ran late, and missed that accident. So many whom were delayed that day in going to work at the World Trade Center on 911, attest to their gratitude for a sick child keeping them home, or a delay in traffic….in other words, ‘thanking God for unanswered prayers.’

Now what does that story have to do with ‘Mastery?’ Everything. A Master is always grateful for all life experiences, AND WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING THE OUTCOME OF WHAT IS TRANSPIRING AT THAT MOMENT. That is the big difference. We, on the other hand, usually are grateful AFTER we see the ‘end’ result, whereas, a Master is grateful without having to have experienced the ‘end result.’

Why IS THIS? Because a Master knows two things; first of all, that all change is for the better, and secondly, that it gives us a chance to experience the other end of it, for to live in the world of the relative gives us free choice, and a reference point (can’t have up without down, hot without cold, etc.).

Therefore a Master welcomes all change, without judgment and without fear, for the outcome is always assured…everything is always for the highest good for all, and we all, always end up “Home.”

And that is what it means to free of an attachment to outcomes……

… live in the world, but not of it….in the Peace of Love…. in the Peace of God.

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