Realization #38 – Separation

Greed, implies separation, which is one of the highest statements of fear….for to not give to another, is not to give to Self.

So many of us, not meaning to hurt or abandon, do so out of conditioning….yes, ‘domestication’ from our society and family upbringing….hoarding, self-centeredness, blind ambition, competitive creation…all these indicate thoughts of separation, and come from fear, produce more fear, and actually push away all desires, all good, Peace and the experience of Love.

For Love has no greater ambition than to give; the actual expression of Love is to always give, and that is why a truly Loving and Godly relationship with one another AND with Self, is best experienced by enhancing the others’ life….which enhances Oneself.

….for we are all One, we are all part of the same Energy, and to ignore this, is to experience ‘lack’ in the truest sense, for it means that you are not giving to Self when you deny another….

….for truly, what blesses one, blesses all!

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  1. Shaukat Charania Says:

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