Realization #39 – Feeling Alone

We are Spirits having a human experience, but sometimes we just do not feel that way, do we?

No, instead we feel very much alone, separate, even from God. What to do when that feeling comes about? Does it make any difference as to the ‘why?’ No, it does not; whatever the circumstances, we just need to re-connect, to actually re-member, who we Really Are; and to do so, is to become ‘quiet inside.’…. for isn’t that where the real problem lies?

Our world is made up by our perceptions…how we perceive a person, situation, circumstance…all is how we ‘look’ at it; therefore, going inside is the only solution to fix not only what is going on ‘outside’ of ourselves, but also to fix what is going on “inside.”

Remember, everything manifests from the Inside—Out…literally; what we perceive, think, and feel, eventually shows up on the outside of ourselves; in other words, forms and manifests our ‘reality.’

Meditation is really just whatever quiets the mind….sitting quietly, in a certain posture, is just one way to meditate…there are countless ways: reading quietly, walking quietly, painting quietly, even playing a musical instrument, and being ‘quiet inside…’

Meditation is connecting to your Soul.

….And when one does connect to ones’ Soul, one is connecting to all….and something wonderful happens…

…you realize, and KNOW, that you are never, ever alone.

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