Realization #4 – Mastering

To be a Master of your Reality—

‘Mastering’ your reality must be in a frequency of Love. It must be free of all addictions, as addictions are a form of demonstrating ‘lack,’ ‘fear,’ and ‘need;’ which is not Love. By ‘feeling’ positive (which implies good thoughts), feel, rather than just ‘think’ loving thoughts and thoughts of Peace…these bring about a transformation into Mastery.
Transformation implies ‘Becoming;’ It is being ‘Conscious, which is a state of Being rather than ‘doing.’ The ‘doing’ is merely an awareness. To be conscious, then =being aware, which = being awake, which =being conscious=being aware, etc., and the circle is complete.
Remember, your Transformation and Your Reality is exactly that—Yours. It cannot be anyone else’s nor should it. Be free of intrusion on another. And, do not allow intrusion by another onto you…that means without your permission.
Why didn’t Jesus, who was a Master, heal the whole world? He could have but didn’t….why? Because they ‘didn’t ask.’ In other words, Jesus, as a Master, mastered his ‘reality.’ He also understood, as a Master, that it was important to allow each soul to evolve at their own pace…that it was between themselves and God. Therefore, he only healed and gave assistance, when asked. Never did he ‘intrude upon anyone.’ (Hence, Free Will). Transformation allows you to become whom you Really Are, and others to become who they Really are, without intrusion.
Once again, it is about awareness and Love….and once again, if you are having a tough time Loving, be aware of what you are grateful for.
Gratitude brings on the frequency of Love.

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