Realization #40 – Gratitude

We recently have heard, from many self-healing books, seminars, workshops, and both Messengers and Masters, that Gratitude is the key to a good life. Many, however, cannot seem to feel gratitude when hard times hit. The reason being, we usually tend to focus on what we do not have at that moment in our lives, rather than what we do have. In other words, we just cannot seem to feel happy when things are not going our way, when we are not getting what we want, or when something ‘bad’ happens, etc. (Sadly, some do not even feel grateful when something good has happened, but that will be saved for another time!)

We instead, when something happens in our reality that we do not desire, actually focus on it consistently, forgetting everything else around us. This not only comes in the form of forgetting that we do have our good health, if we do, or that we have our children, spouses, family, but we even forget we have a place to live, enough food, a bed to sleep on, or just the fact we can walk around, hear, see, talk, etc. We seem to fall into a feeling of ingratitude…not even seeming to care about what we DO have….that is, until those things we do have suddenly go away…then, of course, more focus on what we had lost, etc.

How to stop this pattern? Can you really get to that place of gratitude when things are NOT going well?  (for a complete guide to establishing gratitude in our daily lives, please view ‘The Magic,’ by Rhonda Bryne).

This past weekend, I attended the “Celebrate Your Life” conference, thanks to a dear friend’s early birthday present to me. It was a joyous occasion; I sat in from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. with one of my most inspirational and favorite author’s Neale Donald Walsch, and met with many like-minded, spiritual individuals, selling their wares, informing many ways to heal and focus on self-help, etc.

What I found most interesting in that so many I met, especially in the workshop I attended, seemed impatient and ungrateful for their time at this conference. Many spoke with distain and frustration, with statements such as, “how many books do I have to buy to GET IT!” Comments such as those helped me to realize that it’s not about the ‘stuff;’ it’s all about US! What does that mean? It means you won’t ‘get it,’ until you do, no matter what you buy or how many seminars you attend. I noticed how not one person expressed gratitude for the authors and speakers that took their time, to spend four days, lecturing at this conference. Nor had one person I met expressed gratitude at the fact that somehow they had received the money to attend this conference. I never heard any gratitude from anyone, except from one woman, who stood up and thanked Mr. Walsch (Conversations With God, Book 1)for his information he gave that day in our workshop, and from my dear friend whom sat next to me at the workshoop, whom always is stating her gratitude for her blessings, her friends, her children, and her life.

In other words, most of the people there had forgotten who they Really Are….that they are Spirits having a human experience, and that what they think and feel vibrates at a certain frequency, imprinting on the Invisible, Formless Substance, that some call “God,” and that when they are in a state of ingratitude, rather than gratitude, they then experience in their reality more events to feel distressed about….in other words, they are not grateful for what they have, which tells the Universe/God, “I feel ungrateful,” and the Universe/Formless Sacred Substance, replies, “yes you DO,” and so something more then eventually appears in their reality, which they again feel upset and ungrateful for…and it goes on and on until it does not.

I see people buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have to impress people they do not like. I see people buy things to have them and never touch them again once they are home; I see people searching and searching, and loving the search, but not wishing to do the research, work or give time to actually be the change they wish for in their lives…..Most of all, I see a little of all of US, in all of them….

However, this is not a ‘scolding,’ or an ‘I told you so…” No, rather, it is an Observation to lovingly, but hopefully and quickly, wake US up!

Because the truth is, we are impatient, and when we combine that with being ungrateful, rather than grateful for EVERYTHING, change is slow and suffering continues, and that just no longer has to be true for this Planet or for Us personally…… and the reason is…….

…I see a Collective Consciousness that is heading in the right direction, and frustrated at the speed they are going ….and I see, that no matter what, there is still Hope, Honesty, Love, and the willingness to carry this through.

There is a change in our Planet’s consciousness….because, most of all, rather than ‘see’ it, I feel it, and if you take some time to go within, you will feel it too! I know how “very young’ as a human race, we really are; I also know that our Souls are One Soul, and infinitely as old and as wise, much more than we can ever comprehend….for we are all “God,” in physical form, and however long it takes, it’s so important, if nothing else, to be aware….if only to just be grateful that we are breathing…if that’s all you feel you can do at this moment, it is enough for now.

Be Patient with yourself…be gentle with yourself….everything is unfolding as it should, and as our young generation states, “it’s All Good.”

And that alone, is something to be very grateful about.

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