Realization #41 – Challenges

To challenge someone, let’s say in a duel, means that you are being called upon to show ‘who you are;’ and in that sense, life’s challenges are just that….only with life challenges, we are called upon to display who we Really Are….

The capitalization of those two words, “Really and Are,” basically mean our Real Self…our Divine, Higher Self; some call it a Soul…some call it “God” in physical form. Whatever the name, we are referring to that True Self; the Divinity that we Really Are.

A challenge, therefore is nothing more than an opportunity to show US that part of Self we often are not even aware of, unless we are… For to Experience ourselves in our God-State, or what some may refer to as our “Christed Self,” or Christ Consciousness is truly what we are ‘up to.’ And that is because our pure and only Real aspect of who we are is…A Spirit Having A Human Experience.

As challenges may come along, and as we are incarnated as a Human Being, we get to decide what we wish to be in relation to that challenge, with the ultimate goal: to choose and decide to Be that Divine Self, that which some call Love. To be Loving at all times is what a Master is, for a Master sees all the world as aspects of his True Self, for in reality, there is only One Being sitting here….and we are all part of that Oneness, called God. Therefore, a Master never ‘curses the darkness,’ for he/she knows that it is all Sacred, all Divine, and that fear and darkness are but illusions; they, and other life experiences and challenges, are sent to himself by himself, to define Self.

For when it finally comes to what we are doing here, we are living a life that is filled with ‘challenges,’ which are really only opportunities in disguise, to help us experience, “Who We Really Are,” and all life’s events are based on our perspective of that Holy Perception….for when you know who you Really Are, and live that, you then experience Heaven….

And that Nivana, that Holy Place sought by all, is truly in our “One Mind,” which is always with us, and is always……..Here Now.

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