Realization #42 – The Veil of Forgetfulness

Forgetting usually implies a negative connotation. If we forget an appointment, date (such as an anniversary or birthday), we usually experience guilt or are treated in a way that we feel very uncomfortable. We are even fined oftentimes if we forget a dental or doctor appointment, and the justification is that we ‘wasted’ that professionals time, in that another patient could have been seen in our time slot.

For the most, forgetfulness has been looked upon by our social society with distain. But let’s take a good look at what the term ‘forgetfulness,’ can, and does, also mean.

When we incarnated into our physical structures, we had placed a ‘veil of forgetfulness’ upon us. Why? To insure that this ‘life experience’ would be pure as possible. If we remembered who we Really Are, in other words, where we were before (in the Absolute, where only Love resides), we would not be able to experience life events in their purest form, meaning completely innocent and with wide-eyed wonder.

For, how can we ‘wake up,’ unless we are first asleep?

Once we ‘become aware, and wake up to the truth of who we are (a Spirit having a human experience), only then can we create and EXPERIENCE awareness, and Heaven.

So, as we forget, let us enjoy that experience, for the life events that happen, whether good or bad, help us to accomplish that awakening/remembering, and then the ‘fun’ truly begins!

For, as stated in Neale Donald Walsch’s book, ‘The Littlest Soul and The Sun,’ no matter what the circumstances, or life events, or how many times we (or someone else) may forget and hurt us, either intentionally or unintentionally, “….We are given nothing but Angels.”

3 Responses

  1. Pete Gray Says:

    Angels have led me to my spirit, and that is an awesome awareness.

    Thanks Ellen

  2. Glynis Jolly Says:

    Interesting. If applied, will it help a person feel better about important things forgotten?

  3. A-nonymous Says:

    “If we forget an appointment, date (such as an anniversary or birthday), we usually experience guilt”

    Ellen, How could anyone forget your birthday?

    Happy Birthday!

    PS -Very timely realization

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