Realization #43 – Limitations

So many times we limit ourselves…delay our good, make excuses for our lives and why we can’t or won’t allow happiness, abundance, peace, and/or Love into our life experience….Why?

It’s always about ‘fear;’ we want but do not feel ‘ready.’ We go under the guise of ‘it’s not time,” or “I need to heal,” or “It just has to wait until the right time,” etc. The truth is that there is no “time.” There is only Now. And if you choose to delay your good, but saying it’s not time, or that you need to heal, you are merely postponing and limiting your life experience to experiencing less moments of Love and happiness…that is All you are doing, and you are Being in the World, and OF it, rather than being in the World, but not of it. In other words, you are being a human whom is limiting your own good, and you will do that, until you do not.

We do this because we have forgotten the REAL reason we incarnated to this Planet…to experience life, and that means, to LIVE! We come here filled with enthusiasm and joy and wonder and excitement, and then allow others, their views, their experiences, their thoughts….to influence us, and worse yet, we STOP being Happy.

Yes, we stop Being Happy, and then wonder why more things to be sad about show up! The truth is that bad things sometimes happen (and in this writing, Bad being used as a relative term, as there is really nothing ‘bad,’ save for the definition we give it!), but nevertheless, we decide how we are going to respond to a situation/ event, and then we basically build a ‘life’ from there. We decide to react to something we call ‘bad,’ and then ‘feel’ badly about it, because it is expected. By whom, you may ask? By US. We cannot possibly hear bad news and just cast it off, at least not openly. We hear of a death, and immediately go into a somber mood, mostly for the other person’s benefit, and secretly glad it’s ‘not us.’

As stated in Neale Donald Walsch’s new book, “When Everything Changes, Change Everything,” the truth is that life is all “PERSPECTIVE,” and we then “PERCEIVE” our world accordingly, (and oftentimes that includes placing ‘limits’ either on ourselves, or others). We then experience EMOTIONS based on how we perceive, and then have a THOUGHT about it. Next, we exhibit some sort of BEHAVIOR in relation to that emotion, and then our REALITY/life experience shows up….which, by the way….leads us again to a PERSPECTIVE….and the circle is complete.

Therefore, the most important thing you can do is to first of all DECIDE what your perspective is….in other words, what are you BEING in relation to any given situation? Are you Being ‘limiting,’ “abundant,” “sad,” “happy,” etc.”

Remember, your perspective becomes your perception, which becomes your emotions, which become your thoughts, which become your behavior, which becomes your life experience…..

How to first change your perspective? No matter what happens, seek Gratitude….no matter what the situation, ……and once again, that truly DOES changes EVERYTHING!

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