Realization# 44- Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving—to give thanks? The meaning seems so clear, and so simple, yet so many mouth the words and pay no attention to its’ intrinsic meaning,” for to give thanks is to give ‘something;’ it is a feeling thought/energy that emits out to the Universe and never stops…attracting more like thoughts.

Therefore, to give thanks implies an energy of Love that attracts more Love, imprinting on the ‘Invisible, Formless Substance (some call God/Love), and is saying, “I appreciate all I have…” and the Blessed Universal Energy/Love/God, replies, “yes, you do…” and gives you more life events to express ‘Thanks’ for.

It is always there, works all the time, and returns to you all you think and feel….A feeling of Gratitude is purely Love, Expressed.

Happy Thanksgiving To All….for It is All and Everything that I am truly thankful for….Blessings!

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