Realization #46 – Releasing Fear

Holidays….a time of gratitude, forgiveness, and giving…..Why then are so many stressed, which is basically a form of fear? Forgetting who we are; forgetting that we are Spirits, having a human experience is the reason. We forget that we have literally ‘forever’ to get this right, meaning to remember who we Really Are, and that in truth, we are always safe.

Forgiveness is hard, especially when we are not forgiving ourselves. It makes no difference to whom we wronged, or even if we do all we can to get that forgiveness from someone else…we still must forgive ourselves. We usually stop that forgiveness from coming because we are fearful…fearful that we will do it again, fearful that we cannot change, or fearful that someone will find out that we are not perfect, and do indeed, need forgiveness…especially when it is about forgiving ourselves, or someone close to us.

The fear involved in all mentioned is that we somehow are ‘separate’ from God, and that we may never really be ‘connected’ to God, as we believe we should/could or would be. We imagine a punishing, critical parent in God, and then judge ourselves as we believe we are being judged. We get these ideas from our domestication (meaning family and societal influences) and then we spend the rest of our lives judging ourselves, and often much more harshly than anyone else would.

We do all this out of fear….meaning the absence of Love. Fear is not real….a few acronyms for fear are… “False Evidence Appearing Real “ and the one I prefer, “Feeling Excited And Ready.” (both appear in the Conversations With God books by Neale Donald Walsch)

We strive so hard not to fear; however resisting this emotion, like all others, only keeps it more firmly in place. It is better to ‘look at it;’ in other words, admit to yourself that you are feeling fear, and then be kind enough to yourself not to judge, but to accept it as part of your transformation into remembering that you truly are a Spirit having a human experience, and that your human experience must experience the emotion of fear to help one transform.

Many feel caution, which can be looked at as a form of fear, but it also protects one from danger. The trick here is to remember that fear is an illusion that serves you, until you have looked deep enough into it to see that it is not real, and the fastest way to do so, is to find, even in fear, something to feel grateful about.

Truly a Master blesses everything that comes, even fear, because a Master knows that they alone are responsible for everything coming to them in their life, and release their fear to the Universe, allowing it to surface and then to fade away. For fear, like Love, leads to Transformation. Even Christ, in the garden, felt fear, asking God to release him from his ‘burden;’ then re-balanced back to his Higher Self, and released this fear.

This Holiday… this Holy Season, is about giving, which includes giving to yourself…giving yourself to feel what you need to feel, without judgment, with acceptance, and acceptance leads to Peace.

For looking at fear, and releasing it is what brings Peace on Earth, and goodwill to All ….and that is the true function of why fear is placed in our reality….for remember,
“in the world of the relative, that which you are can never be, unless the opposite appears.

Blessings to All This Holy Season!

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