Realization #47 – The Impossible

“That’s Impossible!” How many times have we heard THAT statement? And hearing it from like-minded Souls or people who ‘care’ about us? In other words, people that may ‘think often as we do!”

The word, ‘impossible’ is used from everything to doing a task, to choosing a certain career, to starting a relationship with someone thought of as “not the right one…, ” or “not good enough…”

We use the term ‘impossible’ to mean that it just cannot happen, or should not happen, or just isn’t feasible or practical or the ‘best for us.’ We also use it for one and only one real reason…to discourage someone from doing something we just don’t agree with, or don’t believe could happen….(and sometimes, oftentimes, it’s really about believing its not possible for US)!

Everything IS possible, for ‘believing will make it so.’ But the fact is that to use the word “impossible” is to use a very limited term, and it is meant to limit the person’s thinking for whom it is aimed.

Is it truly impossible to get what you are aiming for? No, not ever. It does not matter what the situation. All one must remember is the following, (and it should and must be stated until it becomes second nature):

***“I can succeed.” Anything that is possible to anyone is possible to me. I am successful; I do succeed, for I am filled with the power of success.”

The truth is that there is an Invisible, Intelligent, Thinking Substance that penetrates and permeates everything in this entire Universe, including Us. Mankind is a thought center, and each thought that goes out into this Substance, imprints on it, and that thought forms, and is made manifest in physical reality.

Therefore, simply and scientifically stated, ‘Nothing Is Impossible.’

It’s all about remembering who we Really Are…and who are we REALLY? We are Spirits, made of that Invisible, Intelligent, Thinking Substance, having a human experience…..

And because of who we Really Are….. thinking, WILL make it so.

Now THAT should give you something to literally and figuratively …think about! So, how are you thinking today?

***This information was taken in part from a book, “The Science of Getting Rich,” by Wallace Wattles, and was used as the foundation for the book and movie, “The Secret,” by Rhonda Byrne.

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