Realization – #48 Patience

What is Patience anyway? How many times have we been told, “have patience?” Almost sounds like something we must obtain or keep in a jar on a shelf somewhere….

To have patience, is looked at to be a virtue…something we strive to obtain and accomplish; for when we are born, we obviously do not have patience…we cry to be fed, we cry if we are uncomfortably sitting in a soiled diaper; we also cry if we are too hot or too cold; scared or lonely…in other words, we have absolutely no patience. We do not sit silently, or idly waiting for someone to feed or change us , nor to come and comfort us…we sure let everyone we can know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that we need something, and that we need it NOW!

Therefore, to have ‘patience’ must be more than ‘waiting;’ it must be more than developing a calm demeanor, while wishing for something and allowing oneself to be content in not yet receiving ; it also must be more than something we work on acquiring and practicing time and time again.

Patience, therefore is a State of Being. It is Serenity and without need, for it is knowing, yes KNOWING that one already has everything, and allowing it to show up in God’s Time/Universal Time. For Patience, true Patience is complete and total Love for Self and all others….not rushing Self and not rushing others to be, think or do anything that they do not wish to do, nor are ready for….And the reason you allow this is because you know that everyone has everything they need, including every experience they create , including all life events, and situations. Therefore, Patience, like knowing the end of a movie, is the RESULT of “Being in a state of Pure Peace;” and this means, “allowing.”

To be Patient with Oneself…yes, that is to know Oneself in the Christ Consciousness…is to be without need, nor want…not because you do not desire it, but because you already have it, and you KNOW this.

To be Patient, thus means to allow everything to come to you in the proper and most perfect time, which is always the right time.

For as Change is always Good, Patience simply means, “I already know it’s taken care of, therefore…

….I already have it.” And that once again, produces a true State of Being called Gratitude.

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    Still growing and ” staying green”

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