Realization #49 – Relativity

So many hidden messages…every time we blink, we place ourselves in a different frequency, and thus, a different dimension.

With every feeling we have, we produce an emotion. That emotion brings forth a thought, and with thought, we literally ‘blink,’ transporting into a new dimension. It looks just like the one we are previously in, but different possibilities exist. When feeling good, being Love, all those possibilities come to us as ‘events’ or ‘life experiences’ that feel ‘life is working.’ When we feel bad, feeling separate, or unloving, all possibilities of those feelings, come to us as event’s or life experiences, and life just doesn’t seem to be happy or joyful…just plain hard.

I realize that this sounds all ‘airy-fairy,’ but it is the truth of our Being. There is scientific research supporting these ‘theories.’ We live in a holographic chamber, where our feelings dictate our emotions, which dictate our thoughts, which manifest our ‘reality’ (life events’ that we experience). This includes people we meet, how we perceive them to treat us, opportunities given to us, and opportunities missed. It dictates our money situation, our business successes or disappointments, our personal relationships, both with our children, and our life partners/spouses, and our health condition. It also dictates our “world” order.

We are truly the “Masters of our Universe.” And that is why every Master, from Buddha to Jesus, and everyone else in between, has stated so many words that were meant to enlighten the Masses; to help to achieve a “Christ Consciousness State of Being.”

-“what I can do, so you will do these things and greater…”
-“In a ‘blink’ of an eye…”
-“Love they brother as Thyself…”
-“We are all One….”
-“What you do to another, you do to Me…”
-“Know Thyself…”
-“I and the Father are One…”
“Feel Good…”
“Your thoughts create your Reality…”
“Your Faith can move Mountains….”

And the lists goes on and on….the only questions is……….how many ways must we hear it, or see it, before we Know it? Before we Live it? And before we unite as the true One Being of Love, we really are….? That too, is up to All of Us.

If you are having trouble feeling good, the one “kick-start” to that feeling is to FEEL GRATITUDE….for anything, yes anything you can think of….

My wish for All this Holy Season….blessings to experience true Loving, Lasting Awareness!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Aimee Says:

    totally agree with you.

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