Realization #5 – Wanting

“When you truly know what you want, you would know you want nothing at all.”

The reason being is that “want” means “lack.” A true Master knows that everything is always
here; therefore to “want anything” pushes it away from you, for to “want” is saying “I lack;” and since the Universe always gives you what you “ask” for (with your thoughts and feelings), you will then experience “lack” or “want.” but only the experience of it, because everything is ALWAYS there, just waiting for you to focus on it long enough for it to come to you!
If you wish to experience anything, including what you “desire,” (not “want,”) only picture (image) your experiencing it in your reality (thought and feeling), in your Mind, and it will manifest (you will bring it eventually into your experience), into your physical realm.
Therefore, the term, “ask and you shall receive,” is just that….what you think and feel, you WILL experience. It may serve you to think and feel the most grateful thoughts you can imagine, for as you think and feel, so shall it come to you…..When you are grateful, you are telling the universe “I have this…thank you!” And so it appears in your reality.

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