Realization #50 – Resolution

So many talks about ‘making a new year’s resolution…’ So much guilt afterwards, when it seems that as soon as the ‘resolution’ is spoken, it so oftentimes, leaves the mind/memory completely! It’s as if ‘saying it out loud,’ somehow negates it from manifesting! Why IS that?

Creation is Thought, Word, and Deed…yes, stating something usually helps it to manifest. In THIS case, however, stating something that you really do not want, or rather, stating something that you feel a ‘resistance to,’ or worst yet, dread, will help it NOT to happen. The reason being, your ‘vibrational frequency’ is vibrating at a ‘feeling state’ of “I really do not Wish to do this….” The Universe ‘hears’ this, or rather picks up the vibration that it is not something you wish to accomplish, or are not looking forward to ‘creating,’ and yes you DO get your wish….IT DOESN’T HAPPEN!

Therefore, if you truly wish to make a resolution, just do not! Instead, picture what you wish to experience… Imagine it! That is, IMAGE IT in your mind, feel GOOD about it, and then Let It Go!

An example: Do you wish to lose weight? So many use that one as a “New Years’ Resolution.” Instead of telling yourself how many foods you love but will NOT eat….just picture yourself at your ‘perfect weight.’ Image yourself feeling good, feeling happy at that weight, and how thankful you are to feel healthy and happy. The rest will manifest…it is Universal Law. (As stated in the book, The Secret,” by Rhonda Bryne, the worst thing you can say is “I need to lose weight…” The Universe will then just give you more weight you ‘need to lose!’)

For the Truth of a “Resolution” is to RESOLVE; in other words, to “let go” to the One Mind, the One Invisible Substance/The Great I Am/ God; “Let Go To God,” and see what shows up…..

What will show up? Only Good.

Blessings and Happy New Year to All!

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