Realization #51- Cause Related Marketing

So many have wondered and asked about my business, Mother Earth Coffee Company, Inc., that I am doing a special and small segment of it in this blog, dedicated to that topic. Reason being, that like everything else, all events and situations first come from “Thought.”

Mother Earth Coffee Company was a dream and an ‘intention’ that I had in 1998-1999. In July, 2002, it opened, becoming a reality. I started out without any financial means to open this coffee cafe. I, instead, had the intention of True Service. My desire was to help our Planet Earth; to make this world somehow better for all.

I knew that one of the only ways to accomplish that goal would be to change laws…to somehow, work ‘from the inside—out.’ If I could influence our political system (namely politicians), then I could get laws changed or passed that would help all concerned. I knew that if I created a community minded business, and did something to be known in our community, then I would attract more individuals whom had the same vision and goal.

I decided to pledge 10% net profit to different charities monthly, and to host a black time fundraiser also, monthly in honor of that said charity. I knew that overall, political figures always wish to be associated with community-minded organizations and businesses, and felt that this would be the most reasonable, win/win situation to start a plan to help Planet Earth, contacting and attracting those individuals whom are currently in charge of our law making system.

I worked up a business plan, and then lived this concept, literally. I spoke to everyone I met, telling them about my intention, and how this investment would be profitable (it had a 48% profit margin, which is unheard of, but accurate!).

Within one years’ time, I had worked up $350,000. in investment monies, and opened in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Many situations happened down the road, but I can truly say that this coffee company concept happened because of only one THOUGHT….that lead to a FEELING, and that caused it to MATERIALIZE in my reality, easily and quickly.

The truth of our being is that we are a Loving Energy that CREATES. We do so by our thoughts, and our feelings. What we want we get, if we think and feel enough passion about it….And what we don’t want we also get, if we think and feel enough passion about it.

I am here, today, to state the obvious. We are what we Think, Feel, and Declare. Our reality is proof of that. It happens all the time, whether you believe or not….our thoughts are things; these thoughts lead to our feelings, which then place us in a certain ‘frequency’ that brings to us everything in that particular frequency.

Therefore, be conscious of what you are thinking and feelings, and most importantly, do all you can to FEEL GOOD……

…and that, I know for sure.

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