Realization #52 – Boredom

How many times have we heard someone say (maybe our own children) “I’m bored!” Usually that statement at first irritates, as we either feel compelled to somehow come to their ‘rescue,’ or feel a bit envious, as we WISH we could experience boredom, and be free of our fast paced, ‘responsible’ life, filled with commitments, promises, etc.

However, “Boredom,” in it’s purest state, is what happens right before relaxation. It is the precursor to Peace.

Many of us, having so much stress, trauma, or just a life of constant “have to’s,” have forgotten the feeling and importance of “being bored.” We have decided, for the most part, that being bored is just not ‘ok.’ So, if we are waiting in line a second too long, or have nothing to do, while waiting for an appointment, right away, the majority of us will ‘look’ for something to occupy our time. Yes, those precious ‘few minutes’ we seek to ‘fill up’ with anything we can think of.

The true state of our Being is just to BE. That is when we can “hear God talk to US.”

For truly, we do without ‘doing’ and everything gets done.

This is not to imply no action is required, but ‘timely’ action is the key. To do things in a Certain and clear way, when needed, produces more positive results than believing that we must fill every waking moment with being ‘kept busy.”

Whether we are small children, teens, young adults, middle aged, or Seniors, the truth still stands for all: We are Spirits, having a human experience, and the quality of life is based on what we are deciding to “Be” in every moment.

The truth is that boredom does have a purpose; therefore, when ‘feeling’ bored, if we instead decide to Be Still, in that particular moment, will always bring Peace.

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