Realization #53 – Riding the Wave

How many times has everything gone REALLY GOOD? And what is usually our next thought? How long will it last, this ‘streak of luck?” Yes, we actually live our lives as if it’s ‘normal’ to live a life of struggle, and when the good comes, we wonder how long we ‘get it for.’

Well, we do live in the world of the relative; that is, for everything there is an opposite. But the key to all of this is that its’ not a matter of having some good moments, and expecting the average to bad to come to us, as the norm, but rather, that when the ‘high points’ are here, to merely ‘ride the wave;’ in other words, keep your momentum with Life. When things are going wonderfully, keep thinking and feeling in whatever way is bringing those good events to you; when things are not going so good, check your thinking/feelings, and the key word here, is ACCEPT that it’s part of a natural process that is still bringing all good to you, always, and in all ways.

That is what every Master knows, and practices…

….so, ‘ride that wave,’ ‘stay on that surf board,’ and sooner than you expect, if you keep feeling good, not allowing any ‘downhill’ wave to throw you off your ‘board,’ so to speak, that ‘wave’ will turn into another amazing and smooth path, leading you to once again enjoy the good times.

Blessings to All! And remember, to stay on that ‘wave,’ FEEL GOOD!

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