Realization #54 – Reaping

‘Reaping what we sow,’ ‘Instant Karma’, and ‘Reaping the Benefits’….so many interpret these statements as meaning that whatever we give out…pain or joy, we receive it back in return. But what is the Truth? The Truth is that what one PERCEIVES is what is TRUE for that person regarding what they will experience in their reality. In other words, it’s more than just a ‘reaction’ to what we do.

The Truth for one individual is based upon their Awareness. (Hence, some ‘bad guys/bad girls’ seem to have a pretty decent life; however, we really don’t know what pain they may be in, deep inside, no matter what ‘material things or opportunities’ they may seem to have). Everyone’s awareness, (whether that Individual Soul is ‘asleep’ or ‘awake’), is based upon their Spiritual Evolution, and determines their perception of what Truth is for them in every situation.

For many will perceive a movie, book, situation, and yes, even a person’s behavior differently. Hence, so many different societies, cliches, and views of the world…..therefore, countless states of Being, realities, and life events.

So getting back to the definition of the statements above involving ‘Reaping.’ The Grandest and Highest definition of this word is more than getting back what you ‘deserve.’ In the Highest sense, it means that, as Jesus Christ stated, “what you do to my brethren, you do to me…” For whatever and however not only what we DO to someone, but also what we THINK (judge) about someone, because we are all made from the same ‘stuff’ (Spirit/Energy/God), we cannot help but have an effect on everyone and everything, not only by our ‘actions,’ but also by our THOUGHTS.

Therefore, whatever we do, (and FEEL and THINK), because it has a profound effect on everyone and everything, so it also has that SAME EFFECT ON US, as individuals, creating our life events/experiences, and hence, our reality.

That, Dear Ones, is what Reaping in the Highest Sense, really means; for what you do to another, you do to YOU, and….


You will be AFFECTED by whatever you think, feel, and do to and for another. Reaping, is therefore a very sacred state of Being. And what you decide to be in relation to all, and to your life, is always, in all ways, your choice….it always is entirely up to you.

So, it may serve you, to think not only the Highest Thoughts, for yourself and others, but also, to be aware to think YOUR OWN THOUGHTS, and not the thoughts of another. Be Open Hearted, but in the end, be sure to create YOUR life, with YOUR OWN thoughts.

Blessed Be!

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