Realization #55 – Dimensions

All of us are raised to believe that we are in this “reality.” all together, and that some people just seem to have a better life than others. Some are envious of this; others are happy for those people that seem ‘more fortunate.’ The real ‘kicker’ to all this, is when someone we judge as ‘not deserving’ of good things, opportunities, or even a specific person who is with them, seems to ‘have it all.’ When we compare our life situation to theirs, we oftentimes just simply not only get confused, but actually get scared! We think, really deep inside of ourselves, where we believe that no one else can ‘hear us,’ “what is really going on? What is God THINKING? To allow someone so bad, evil, etc., to have it all, when I AM A GOOD PERSON, and look at what has happened to ME???”

We imagine many things…some imagine that they are being punished for something they did; others think they must be being punished for something that they don’t remember doing, and still others, think or believe that they are being punished for something that someone ELSE did (such as Eve biting that apple, etc.!) Many also imagine that we must atone for something that we may have done either now, or in ‘another lifetime,’ and that we have to accept that maybe, just maybe, we will never know the reasons why we suffer, but that it must be “meant to be” (ordained by God, etc.!).

All the above is incorrect. We suffer because we CHOOSE to. God is Love; therefore, God has nothing to do with this! Now I know that many may just click off this website right now, for that statement carries too much responsibility. But the reason that I have placed it here is because only claiming responsibility will allow a positive change to occur. Blaming others, and especially God, only makes us powerless to change our lives for the better; for in knowing and accepting that we are the cause, is the only way to change the ‘effect.’

In no way am I ‘blaming.’ I am merely stating that we are like small children, just starting out in life, and not realizing the Power we have…we merely have to ‘blink’ and we appear in a different dimension, filled with endless possibilities that simply respond to what we are FEELING. Yes, that is correct, FEELING, not just what we are THINKING!

Often some life event happens to us, good or bad, and depending on how we feel about it, we then tell others the ‘story,’ (including telling the story to ourselves!), feeling a certain way over and over again as we tell it…we literally ‘re live’ our event, and send out these ‘feelings’ which produce our ‘traveling’ to different dimensions that look exactly the same as the one we are ‘in’ but nonetheless, are filled with different possibilities and outcomes.

Therefore, depending on how we feel, we attract ( and live through) different outcomes to whatever the life event showed up as. Consequently, if the final outcome has not yet manifested, we can change it, that is, choose the outcome that is most pleasing and beneficial to us, just by changing our feeling state (“beneficial” can also mean “evolutionary). If we feel ‘bad,’ we can change the feeling from ‘bad to good,’ this will then place us in a dimension of positive possibilities and positive outcomes, producing a better outcome than if we stayed ‘feeling bad.’

This information is based on Science. This information is accurate information from the sources of Quantum Physics. There is endless possibilities and endless outcomes and endless frequencies and endless dimensions….we reach them by our feelings and our thoughts….and how to change those ‘bad feelings?’ Once again, being open, aware, of what we are feeling, and then feeling Gratitude!

So…………how are you “Feeling today?”

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