Realization #56 – FEELINGS

Our feelings, no matter who we are with, or what we are doing, dictate the ‘outcome.’  I finally understand what Quantum Physics is talking about when they state ‘endless’ possibilities’ exist; that ‘everything’ has already been created and done, and is ‘stored’ in different dimensions.

How we ‘experience’ these different outcomes is by our feelings.  We literally ‘feel’ a certain way, and that produces a certain ‘frequency,’ and that frequency attracts the dimension with a certain outcome.  Therefore, if we feel ‘good,’ no matter what we are doing, we get into a dimension that has a good/positive outcome attached. If we feel badly about something, we vibrate at a frequency that produces us ‘traveling’ to that specific dimension that produces a different result for the same situation.

Therefore, it’s all how we feel, and not really what is going on…we are producing what is going on in our lives, all the time with our feelings! 

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