Realization #57 – Being Grateful

So many Spiritual Masters and Messengers express that the One True Way to God, to being Loving, to receiving, is to be Grateful. Many understand, and are indeed mindful of this practice. More, however, hear the words, mouth the words, but do not FEEL grateful. Still others, may say they are grateful, and do feel it, but truly when asked, WHY this is a “way to God,” honestly answer, ‘they don’t know.,’ or ‘they just know it works.’

Being Grateful places us on a frequency of Love. It is stating to the Universe, “I HAVE ENOUGH,” and the Universe responds, “yes, you DO!” And then proceeds to give you exactly WHAT you are stating you have enough OF and/or, giving you many more reasons TO be Grateful!

But there is still something more to this. WHY? Why does this WORK? Well, in truth, there is only One Being Sitting Here, individualized into billions upon billions of souls, all having a ‘life’ experience,’ in all different forms and dimensions; all vibrating at different ‘frequencies,’ and choosing their next moment of creation….endlessly evolving; some very fast, and some, well, not quite so fast….but All Still Evolving, always, in all ways.

But getting back to the question, WHY? Why does Gratitude work? Why does it ‘produce,’ and ‘create’ when we are stating ‘we are grateful?’ And the answer:

When God/Universe/Energy was first Only existing in it’s purest form, it Just Was. It had nothing to look back on and view it’s own Magnificence. So it decided to individualize itself into many units of Energy, ‘called Souls.’ With this, It could then look at ‘itself’ and Experience it’s own Magnificence. And, thus, to then create, It (God/Universe) would have to ‘call forth’ to “the All that Is” whatever it desired to make Manifest; to ‘Imprint,” so to speak, upon the rest of itself, in order to ‘bring forth,’ any and all desires.

“Thank You,’ therefore, is a Statement of ‘Knowing that it is Already Received,’ for the Universal Life Force (God), has already created Everything and Every possible outcome (Quantum Physics). Knowing this, it is only necessary to “Call Forth” whatever one desires, for it to be made ‘real’ in it’s own life experience. We do this (‘call forth/make real/manifest) by our feelings, and by our thoughts.

“Thank You,” therefore, is the Highest Prayer.

Thank you all, for your kind understanding, knowledge made manifest in your experience, and for choosing a most Magnificent Life!

Blessed Be.

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