Realization #58 – Healing

Throughout our historical religions, worldwide, we all hear of people either praying for a healing, or showing appreciation for one they have received. So, what exactly IS a healing? We usually think of it as being ‘cured’ of something…in other words, something we ‘had,’ and didn’t want, or didn’t wish to “Be” that behavior any longer, and then, it’s gone. We are then better in whatever way ‘better’ means to us. (Remember, EVERYTHING IS PERCEPTION!)

But Healing, if you really look at it, does not exist! Why? Because in order to be healed, something has to be ‘wrong,’ or ‘bad’ and all THAT is an illusion. Yes, I know, looking around us, thinking of past events in our lives, and the lives of others, it seems sometimes that there is so much that is wrong. BUT, that is not true! The Truth is there is only Love; all else is an illusion that we are creating, to decide what part of our True Selves (Love) that we wish to express.

Therefore, no ‘healing’ can occur, because there is really nothing to heal. All that really happens, when we experience in this ‘dream’ that we are ‘healed,’ is that we awaken to who we Really Are…we become alert/aware, and the ‘false self,’ the illusion part of us, simply drops away.

Healing is more of a ‘letting go,’ rather than a ‘getting rid of…’

The Highest Prayer therefore, to ‘heal’ any situation that one does not desire, is a prayer of “Thanks,” for allowing only Love as our experience…a prayer of Gratitude for our Awareness of Who We Really Are, letting go of any false thought/fear we may be holding as a ‘false truth.’ (Truth, in this case, being something that is one’s belief….True for Them).

The Universe is wonderfully simple….All that is required of Us is really to ‘just breathe.’ To ‘let go,’ and relax into the Love of God that is always there, that we Really Are.

All the rest, we make up ourselves.

A Prayer: “Thank you for helping me to always Remember Who I Really Am, letting go of any false thoughts. Amen (For All).

Blessed Be!

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