Realization #59 – HELP

So you read all the books; you go to all the conferences, workshops, and do everything you can to understand and demonstrate how much you wish for ‘help.’

Well Dear Ones, the whole trick to this is that, and I understand it’s sometimes very hard to hear….but here goes….As long as you keep thinking there is something you need to fix, heal, or make better, something will always show up!

To KNOW, in your experience, that you ARE healed, fixed, made better, etc., THAT is when you will experience the healing, the being ‘fixed,’ and the experience of everything ‘being made better.’

For the truth is that the Universe gives you exactly what you are thinking…EXACTLY. So if you keep thinking you need to lose weight, you will keep weight on, so you have something to lose! If you keep thinking AND FEELING that you need to heal, you will keep experiencing the ‘need to heal;’ experiences showing up to ‘require’ healing…..and so on and on it goes.

As stated in the movie “The Secret,” by Rhonda Bryne, its’ exhausting to try and monitor our thoughts; rather be aware of how you are feeling about anything and everything, as that will give you a clue as to what you are thinking.

If you feel bad, you are vibrating negative feelings, and obviously thinking negatively, even if you are not ‘aware’ of it. So, change your feelings about everything, including that you need to ‘get help.’
(Remember to start changing your feelings, think of something to be grateful for…anything you can think of…if you cannot do this, then you are ‘out of balance’ someway, and immediately repeat and state, “I AM IN BALANCE…Mind, Body, and Soul!)

If you DO need help, in that you feel bad, then you are now receiving that help. Know THAT.
Repeat, “I am SO GRATEFUL that I am in balance in my mind, in my body, and in my Soul.” I AM SO GRATEFUL that I am Healed, and that I feel Good. I am SO GRATEFUL FOR being helped right now.

The Universe will respond to THAT statement, immediately.

Remember, the Highest Prayer, is a prayer of Gratitude.

Blessed Be.

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