Realization #6 – Death

A few close friends have recently experienced loved ones whom have passed on….this is for them, and all whom Love someone who may have or is presently having the experience of illness that may be, or is terminal…

When our body ‘dies,’ it falls away, as a piece of clothing falls off the body…the body does not “contain” the Spirit, but rather the Spirit encompasses and holds together and ‘surrounds’ our physical structure, extending outside of our physical structures/matter/body. When this transition occurs,(death) our Essence or Spirit/Energy remains, blended into the All of Everything. This includes Mother Earth, trees, grass, all living creatures and Beings…..Everything, and Everyone. We return to our ‘Natural State,’ which is Complete Awareness. Again, One Being, simply Being….Being the Observer of All of Everything.
The Observer is Everyone and Everything, so awareness of oneself is not lost, just expanded—the connection to all is felt, understood, and the realization that All is One—One Being.

“Awareness” then decides where it will focus next—slows down it’s vibrational frequency, forming a solid body (matter); birthing occurs, focused on that individual entity—all the while, still aware of all else; and then, a blanket of ‘forgetfulness’ comes over this individual unit of energy, of Spirit, so that it may experience “Life’ in the purest sense, feeling ‘separate’ and apart from others so that “relativity’ can be experienced in it’s fullest…the ups, the downs, the highs, the lows, the hot and the cold, the sadness and the Happiness….All that Is…The Great I AM, in millions and billions of beautiful expressions and reflections of God, called Souls….thus, the Evolution and process of God, experiencing Life through Us. God knowing God through experience, rather than just a ‘concept.’

And the dance continues…..always…..for all there really is, the truth of it all, is that all that is real, forever and eternal is Love, which is God. Therefore, be Peaceful in the Knowledge that we all go back from where we came….Safe, Secure, and Serene.

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