Realization #62 – Enhancement vs. Need

Needing is so much different than desiring.  It may serve one to ask, “do I truly desire this/them, etc.,”
just for the pleasure of it/them enhancing my life?  Does it or they enhance my life?  Or do I need because
I am temporarily in the illusion that there is something within myself I am lacking and trying to ‘fill’ that part of me I think is not there?   In truth we all are complete and whole and Perfect; a true Love will help us to enhance that completeness; that’s why it’s all about both giving into the relationship and not what can be ‘got’ out of it….(any ‘getting’ we get is because the other is enhancing us (adding to our already ‘completeness’)…

……because we in truth, are without need.

Enhancement is more a desiring, rather than a need.

Ask yourself what kind of relationship completes you?  And you will know to be Happy Right in this Moment of Now (because then more to be happy about will show up)…If you have been happy, and someone is no longer in your life right now, it most likely is because that relationship was not enhancing or keeping you ‘happy;’ consequently, it ‘left,’ because you were ‘Being Happy,’ and that relationship just wasn’t on your ‘frequency,’ of how you usually were feeling, which was “Happy.”

Everything runs it’s course. We are meant to be happy, and if we are not, we will adapt, meaning we will “change” ourselves, our life situation…something will definitely change!

Change is Life is God is Life….the circle is complete.

Therefore, as stated in Neale Donald Walsch’s recent book, When Everything Changes, Change Everything,” ALL CHANGE IS ALWAYS GOOD!

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