Realization #63

One Grand Moment….a moment when ‘time’ stands still. How often have we heard that statement, “Time just seemed to stand still?” Usually a perception such as this is experienced during either a major trauma, or an enchanted moment, filled with elation and Love.

So what does this statement truly mean…time standing still? We often feel a sense of extreme peace…that no matter what is taking place, whatever we consider ‘good or bad,’ we are filled with a sense of safety and calm.

Speaking with many victims of either natural disasters, illness or even some kind of victimization, the same feelings are experienced: peace, a slowing down of our surroundings, and complete calmness…in other words, being ”In the Moment.”
This feeling we experience is our True Nature. It is the life event of experiencing our Source, our connection with the Divine, our connection with the All that Is; some call this Spirit, God, Mind, etc., but whatever we ‘name’ this connection, it is all the same…it is who We Really Are….A Spiritual Idea of God; a Spirit having a human experience.

Meditation, if practiced, will bring about this sense/experience of time standing still; of connection with all, and a feeling of calm, peaceful security. It is the feeling of being connected, rather than separate; a feeling of complete letting go, and yet ‘holding on.’ It is the experience of completeness and wholeness; it is the feeling of Love.

Trust comes extremely easy during this period of ‘timelessness.’ There is a sense that there is nothing to fact, fear is never even a thought during this experience.

In Truth, there is only this Grand Moment. Time is simply mankind’s way of ‘keeping track,’ so to speak, of life events. There is no such thing as aging, except what we believe, based on what we have been taught. There are cases of people, whom, having lost their perception of time, literally stop aging. (Examples of this situation can be found in a book called, “Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures,’ by Mary Baker Eddy).

Remember, Be free, and Be Happy…for you have all the ‘time’ in the world!

And how to once again experience anything Good? Begin with a statement of Gratitude!


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