Realization #64 – Patience is Allowing!

Patience is a virtue, so we have heard many times, in our lives…especially when we desire something that seems to take ‘forever’ to get here! That could be in the mind of a child waiting for that ice cream cone, a graduation coming up, or someone’s life long dream finally becoming a reality. It could also involve, waiting for someone to show up in ones’ life, or waiting for ourselves to show up being that person we ‘wish’ we could be, or we wish THEY would or could be.

Patience is seen as something we do not have, and/or, a need/wish to acquire. At best, it is thought of as something that, if we do all the correct things, we will ‘achieve’ it. It is never thought of as something we are intrinsically born with, nor something that is given to us, or handed down to us. At best, it is thought that if we are patient (implying we can become this at any moment, or rather we do indeed have this trait, but just don’t realize or use it all the time), that then, by example, we will teach others’ patience; sort of a ‘role modeling.’

The truth is there is only Now. The reason for “Patience,” is to help us realize that since there is only Now, everything we wish for is already here….therefore, the ‘patience’ we are displaying is just basically an ‘allowing’ something to come into our reality that is already present (as a ‘possibility’).

How to allow? Once again, gratefulness….to be grateful for what you already have, or search for a trait that you gratefully notice in that Significant Other. Realize that everyone and everything is made up of Pure Potential, and then ACKNOWLEGE that it is there! That alone will result in more things to be grateful for, and more things to be grateful for will then be coming into your life, including the traits you love in that person, amplified considerably!

Patience is truly all about allowing. It is realizing that there is NO TIME; that all is in the Eternal Now; that we have nothing really to ‘wait,’ for, but to only become Aware that it ALL already exists right now. If you do not see it in another, you cannot see it in yourself. If it appears to not yet be present, then look at what you are doing and being to yourself, and you will find that ‘missing’ trait or quality is there, all along, waiting to be realized and noticed. For what you see that you love in another, that is who you Really Are….What you do not like in another, you are doing to yourself.

The more we choose to see everyone and everything as the truly Perfect Being they are…Reflections of God/Spirit/Mind/All that is, the closer we come to seeing who We Really Are….For truly there is only “One Being” sitting here…..patiently waiting for Us to realize that there is only this One Grand Moment of NOW, and that everything is already Here Now, just waiting for us to Allow it’s showing up into our personal Reality.

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