Realization #66 – Past “Data”

Living in the past….re-living the past….bringing up the past….

Unless we enjoy the reprimanding, the pain all over again, no one, without exception, likes when someone brings up the past. Now in this context, I am referring to unpleasant memories, uncomfortable situations, and/or just plain painful experiences.

There are of course, many pleasant and good memories, but even those are not always the best to bring back to the present moment. Why? Because they bring also with them a sense somehow of longing or wishing for the ‘good ole days.’ Usually this occurs at an age when some life experiences have accumulated, but also I have witnessed even children (early teens, early twenties) wishing to be ‘young’ again…immersed in childhood once again, and without a ‘care in the world.’

But for this writing, I am speaking of what happens to us each and every time we have a life experience…yes, each and every time. With every moment, we retrieve information from our ‘past data bank,’ to find a match. (This concept is clearly illustrated in a book called, “When Everything Changes, Change Everything,” by Neale Donald Walsch). We do this by memory, and this is on either a conscious or an unconscious level.

When we react to a situation, any situation, (we) within seconds, recollect past data, (memories of a similar or exact situation) and call to us, or rather, pull to us, thoughts and feelings, (especially feelings) to the present moment of this new experience. Hence, we really do not experience that particular life event in it’s purest form, and sadly, often react more negatively than we had wished to or planned. This even happens when something is done to us or for us that is positive…we still evaluate it based on the ‘match’ of past data, we had previously experienced. (A good example would be flowers….it can be a joy to receive, let’s say roses, but if a lover whom has left us, and on bad terms, always gave us roses during that past relationship, our new found love can send us the most beautiful bouquet of roses, and there would be a ‘past data’ match, that however we might wish to feel, there would be some uncomfortable or negative feeling attached to this ‘positive’ and loving gift).

With this retrieval of past information, comes a reaction. This is based on self preservation, and therefore ‘feels’ instinctual, but it is not. It is a reaction of sorts, from a previous life event, and therefore, we will usually react the same way we did as we did the first time, although people and the actual situation or circumstances, may be quite different, and may most certainly NEED a different reaction.

All of us have experienced snapping at someone, when we were really upset with someone else. We also may have not given a chance to others in a love relationship, or even a good friendship may come to an end, because we just can’t seem to trust (all based on ‘past data’ information, and having absolutely nothing to do with the present people or circumstances involved).

And, if we happen to come to a situation that IS truly unique, (one we have never experienced), because we are All One/One Mind/All that is, we actually retrieve information from what is called a ‘cellular memory,’ which is just a name that does mean, (in effect) One Mind. A memory our ancestors had, or rather, another Spirit had had, will be retrieved and ‘matched’ to the situation. We do this out of survival, so as to ‘protect’ ourselves.

Past Data is necessary for survival to some extent; it’s based on the premise that we always don’t have time to ‘think;’ so we therefore, react. It can, however, be used for a much grander purpose….it CAN be used to help us wake up to what we are deciding in every moment to Be. The easiest way to be conscious of past data is to be aware of how we feel. If you are feeling any negative emotions (hate, envy, greed, jealously, anger, etc.), then you are in a ‘past data’ experience, and need to re evaluate your circumstances and conditions. If you are feeling Love, then you are in a frequency of being in the purest and true State of Whom You Really Are….a Spirit, having a human experience, and are then in the Grand Moment of Now.

In Truth, there is only Good. The Universe/God/Mind/All that Is, is real and permanent. Anything else is an illusion, containing ‘past data’ and when looking at it straight on, will disappear, so that we may experience what and Who We Really Are, which is pure Love.

God, which is the Highest and most Loving Energy, never has any past data, because in Truth, there is only Now, and all moments of Now, represent growth, evolution, and always, in all ways, Love. And with that truth comes complete and total Trust. With Trust and Love, we experience ‘Heaven on Earth.’

To be That, brings a “Heaven on Earth” to all.

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