Realization #68 Feeling ‘stuck’ in Neutral

How often have you felt as if you have no feelings at all? How does that fit in with all the ‘talk’ of gratitude, peace, and yes, even Love? How about when you read or hear someone being so positive, and you just ‘can’t seem to feel it?” What do you do?

Some pray. Some yell and scream. Some live in quiet desperation. Some strive to be ‘good,’ and make it…some don’t. Some push on and some give up. Who are you being right now? What are you being right now?

Because…no matter who you are Being, you are NOT THAT! Even at your best, you are not JUST THAT! NO! You are so much more! So much more! Yes, I stated that twice for clarification and to make a point, and the point is this: No matter what you are Being, in other words, whatever you are feeling, thinking and demonstrating through actions, producing life experiences/events, it is not really your True Self. For your True Self is all Abundance, All Goodness, All Perfection,….All Love. And though you may be that at times, please know that the Truth of your Being, is that you really ARE THAT, all the time!

You may not feel that way, but in your highest and most natural state of Being, you are Love.

It doesn’t matter how you feel now; it doesn’t matter if you do not believe these printed words, and it doesn’t even matter if you deny this Sacred Idea…for the Truth is this; You are a Loving, Eternal Reflection of God…the Most Loving Energy…You are Love…and, so is everyone else!

And……it doesn’t matter if you do not believe it, because some things are true whether you believe them or not.

But, why not give it a try? Why not give it a thought? Or better yet, a feeling! Yes, for one moment, imagine how it would feel….to Be Love. You will experience, immediately, feeling better…even if it’s just for one second. And that Truth about Who You Really Are….should you decide to carry it with you, longer than ‘a second,’ will eventually become your reality…you will one day know the Truth of your Being, of Who You Really Are…for as the saying by C.S. Lewis goes, “You do not have a soul….You ARE a Soul!” And the most Loving Soul of All….You are All That IS….A True Reflection of God; that same Loving Energy…that Same Substance…..why? Because that is All There Really Is; all else, is an illusion.

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