Realization #69 – Prayers Left Unanswered

How many times has this been the subject matter for songs? How many times have we cried out in vain, and how many prayers……left unanswered?

Most all, at some time or another, has asked and prayed and pleaded, only to not have that prayer ‘answered.’ And so many times, later on in our lives, we look back and say to ourselves (or even right out loud!)…thank God, THAT did NOT come true!

We pray and hope and wish for a person, a house, a job, or some kind of material thing or opportunity to come to us, and when it doesn’t, we just can’t seem to understand why. We, right then and there, decide that somehow “God” just doesn’t love us or care, or at least, just didn’t hear us or didn’t listen, or possibly just does not wish to give us what we desire. Then we, many times, will go into a reason for this ‘not getting what we want’ situation. We imagine that we somehow didn’t deserve it, or did something ‘wrong,’ and are being ‘punished,’ for whatever we did do (or didn’t do). Oftentimes we start feeling that we deserved our prayers to be ‘ignored.’ We imagine that if we had just been nicer or kinder, or somehow did something more ‘Godly’ or of value, that our prayers would have been answered, or at least somehow we would have been given the reason why we did not get what we had asked.

In Truth, we do not have to do anything to ‘win’ God/Universe/One Mind’s attention or abundance. We have only to be grateful and have faith that it has, indeed already been answered For in the One Mind/Universe/God, all outcomes HAVE already been done…it is just how we think and most importantly, FEEL that brings that particular outcome into our life ‘experience’ of any given situation.

The whole thing to this is that we already have it. Yes, I know, if you can’t ‘see’ it, how can it be there?
Can you see the signal of WIFI as it enters your wireless laptop? How about your cell phone? Do you ‘see’ the words or pictures sent to your phone? Yes, we take these all as commonplace now, but the principle is still the same….just because you cannot see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

And just because you may not believe it, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Abundance is always here. God is always here. God is Love and Love is always here now. It is just a matter of perception as to what one conceives as “God.” And just a matter of perception as to if one’s prayer was or was not answered.

The same thing holds true for our ‘unanswered prayers.’ If we could ‘see’ the whole picture of our lives; view the whole scenario from everyone’s point of view, we would see that it’s all good…and that God is on everyone’s side. In truth there is no way you cannot have your prayers answered, if you view your prayers as your highest and grandest vision and version of who you wish to Be. For that prayer is always ‘answered,’ as our Spiritual Evolution will always lead us to that Sacred Experience.

For in the Grand Scheme of the All that Is, there is Only Good; everything is all good; every prayer IS heard, and not one prayer is ‘Left Unanswered.” Why, because in the true sense of God/One Mind/Universe, every outcome has already been done, and it all leads to the same Grand Place….Home With God.

God is Love, and that is all that really Exists….the rest? Just illusions of not having enough, or prayers left unanswered.

For, if God/Love didn’t say it, it didn’t get said. If God/Good didn’t do it, it didn’t really get done.

All is an Illusion, except Love/God/Universe/One Mind…..hence, the expression:

‘”God IS, This Isn’t, and That’s That!”

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