Realization #7 – Fear

FEAR-False Evidence Appearing Real…..

ANGER- Fear Announced
Both of these emotions (which Emotion is ‘energy in motion’) is just that….Energy, which is a “thing’ ….meaning, ……both are “things.” (i.e., fear and anger). Thoughts are “Things” and do manifest our reality. Therefore, to “have” or “feel” anger, produces exactly that…more feelings of anger, and to be more exact, more experiences to be angry about! Fear produces the same thing….more fear, and more things to become fearful about.
The whole thing about this is ‘Feeling,” the fear, and “Feeling” the anger; both, when “feeling” these emotions go out into the universe, and literally attract and ‘hook’ into other thoughts of fear or anger, or both, and EVENTUALLY produce the experience of these emotions in one’s reality. Life experiences of fear and of anger are the result of our thoughts and FEELINGS.
How to stop this? Gratitude. One cannot feel fear nor anger when feeling GRATEFUL. How do you feel gratitude when you feel fear or anger? First, be ‘aware’ that you are indeed feeling these feelings, whatever they are. Do not deny them, for if you do, they will keep persisting…remember, to quote the book, “Conversations With God, Book 1,” by Neale Donald Walsch, ‘what you resist, will persist…’
So getting back to how to feel grateful…become aware of your feelings; acknowledge that you are feeling this way, and then DECIDE and CHOOSE to search for something to feel grateful for…no matter what it is, even if it’s just that you can breathe. If you cannot think of one thing to be grateful for, then you are Being Asleep; in other words, unaware of your surroundings, and unaware of YOU…who you Really Are; which is the pure, beautiful, Omnipresent Energy of God; the reflection of the grandest, and greatest version of yourself….LOVE.
Decide and Choose to be Aware, and Life Changes occur immediately. When one decides and chooses to become Aware….aware of themselves, their thoughts, feelings, surroundings, including who is currently in their reality, and then decide to be grateful for Everything, even the hardships, problems, heartaches, unkindness in people…to realize that everything is there to help you to become Aware of the awesome power of Love; to tap into that awareness and to stay there, then Gratefulness follows immediately, and with that…..Heaven on Earth.
Sounds like a circle? It is…..’within the circle of true Love, lies all the hopes the heart dreams of…’ For PEACE=LOVE=GOD=PEACE=LOVE=GOD…..forever and ever….and that is the Peace of God; the Circle of Love. Awareness brings Gratitude, which brings Peace, which brings Love, which IS GOD.
And the circle is complete.

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