Realization #70 – Hope

We have all heard the expression….”to live without hope, is not to live at all…”

Hope is something that ‘keeps us going.” It is that ‘Light’ that shines within us…it is Life.

It is a wish, yet unrealized; a potential yet unfurled; it is a desire, a wish, a trigger that somehow gives us a sense that ‘all is well,’ or rather, that ‘all CAN BE well.’ It is that one spark of Divinity that tells us, ‘do not give up.’

We usually look to someone close to us to give us that hope when we just can’t seem to muster it up ourselves. We talk about a problem with a family member, a friend; sometimes even a stranger, yearning for something said from their heart, that will give us that feeling of “IT CAN HAPPEN…….or as we usually say, “I HOPE SO!”

Hope is essential, but it is actually a building block to BELIEF. And belief is a building block to KNOWING.

For to KNOW something, is to go beyond hope; to go beyond belief; for to KNOW is to BE SURE!

It is said that when Christ prayed, his prayer was never a prayer of supplication; in other words, a pleading or begging. It went beyond hope or belief. It was KNOWING.

It was in KNOWING that His prayers were answered even before He had asked. Therefore, it was a prayer, or rather a statement of GRATITUDE.

So, maybe it’s time for us to go beyond hope, beyond belief, but to be secure in the KNOWING that All is Well…or, as our younger generation states….”It’s All Good.”

Isn’t that a statement of Knowing in the most highest form?

And once again, to be in the “knowing” of something, you must focus on the fact that ‘it is already there.’ God/Universe/One Mind IS all good, and therefore, all GOOD is always here.

So, when praying, it is important to state for all your Grandest and Greatest Visions of you and your life’s highest desires, in other words., your wishing for God’s Goodness/Abundance/Love to appear as an experience in your reality, must be met with a prayer of Gratitude. It (whatever you wish, desire, etc.) IS already there; therefore, already done.

Hence, Gratefulness and Appreciation are the highest way to achieve all the blessings that are always there…that are Here Now.

Remember, endless possibilities is another perception that envisions, endless Love.

And Love/God/One Mind is all there really is. Truly, there is no spot that God is not! All Good is Always there. In Knowing this, you create a life that is filled with prayers of Gratitude, free of fear, and filled only with Love.

Therefore, the most Sacred form of prayer is a true celebration of Gratitude, for as the bible states, “before you have asked, I have answered.”

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