Realization #71 – Holding on, but Letting Go

So many times we wish to hold on….holding on to a person, a situation, a feeling….the past.
We actually view our past experiences, usually in fear of them repeating, and sadly they return again and again and again.

What we must realize is that we bring them back to us through our fear. We remember what it felt like and imagine how awful it would be to go through it all again, and then of course, we do! Why?
Why do we keep experiencing the same problems, the same life experiences over and over?

Remember, we are the Essence of God in physical form. We are truly Reflections of Spirit/God/All that IS, and so our FEELINGS and our THOUGHTS create. Therefore, it is essential that we realize that our Past Data (past experiences) are nothing more than something that HAS happened, and if we look deeply into what we were feeling and thinking before whatever originally occurred in our past that we dread so much, we CAN change our future to a new and better experience.

How we do this is by changing our perception of why it happened in the first place. We so often choose to feel resentment, anger, frustration, fear, and/or pain, in relation to a bad experience. We usually do not consider that it is ‘all good,’ in that it is always for our Highest Spiritual Evolution.
A Master knows that all is Good. Everything happens because, we wish it to, (whether we are conscious of this wish or not), and that nothing can happen without “God’s permission.”

This may feel alien and upsetting to many, but the truth is this: if you believe that God is all Good, All Loving, and All Powerful; if you believe that God is an Energy, called Love, then there is no room for anything ‘bad’ to ever happen. It is an illusion. Everything that one may call ‘bad’ is based on a perception of the situation, and no one knows what evolutionary experience a particular soul may choose to realize Who They Really Are, which is Love/Spirit/Energy/God in physicality. The saying, “if God didn’t say it, it didn’t get said,” is exactly that…Love/God/Spirit/Mind is all there is…all else, an illusion.

Nothing is bad or good, except for how we perceive it. And our perception leads to our feelings, and then our thoughts.

Change your perception of what is your Truth. Change your feelings about why Change itself occurs, and you will then change your future to a future of Peace, happiness, and Love. (A wonderful and enlightening book with these ‘steps’ and information is called “When Everything Changes, Change Everything,” by Neale Donald Walsch).

All Masters know this, and that is why they embrace all change. Life IS change, and life will adapt to whatever it needs to keep on ‘living.’ If you look at any change in your life, really look, you will notice that on some level, whatever was going on was not working…was not supporting ‘life’ in keeping with it’s grandest vision and version, which is Loving Happiness. Changes happen, therefore, to keep Life existing in it’s Highest and Grandest Form.

So, the key is to ‘hold on” but to let go; enjoy your time here, but know who you Really Are, and embrace everything as something you have sent yourself to experience yourself in the Grandest and Greatest Vision and Version you have ever had of yourself…..or as Jesus Christ mentioned, “to be in the world, but not of it…”

And, once again, as this younger generation tell us, it’s always, “all good!”


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