Realization #72 – Criticism

Many well meaning individuals feel that to demonstrate criticism is THE way, and the only way to help someone learn, develop or realize their errors. Criticism has been used to get someone to do what is asked; to obey, or to just plain feel badly enough about oneself, that they are expected or motivated to correct whatever seems to be considered ‘wrong.’

Most all of us have been criticized. Many parents and spouses do this constantly to their children or partners, all within the ‘guidelines’ of feeling this is the best way to handle any situation that calls for compromise. Whether the criticism comes from control, hate, caring, or even most saying it comes from “Love,” the point is that it never makes one feel good. It usually doesn’t even cause the one doing the criticizing to feel good either, let alone the one getting the criticism. Causing someone to feel bad may temporarily get ‘your way,’ but in the end, that person has not been enlightened or loved, and will continue having more unpleasant experiences showing up, as they are then feeling badly about themselves. Sadly some start to then treat others the same, and the ‘son suffers the sin’s of the father,’ so to speak.

Where does it come from? The answer is fear. We try to control out of fear, and literally if we cannot physically restrain someone from doing what we don’t wish them to do, we will turn to using criticism as a means to ‘tie them up,’ emotionally. We feel that if we just say the ‘right’ thing; something that will really ‘get to them,’ and they feel badly enough, whether that ‘bad’ feeling is out of guilt, or just feeling ‘not good enough,’ many think that will be the motivation that will ‘spark’ that person into IMPROVEMENT.

That thought is like painting a picture, ripping it up, and thinking it will have improved the appearance of that painting. To ‘shred’ someones’ self esteem and self worth by criticism only keeps that pattern of whatever they are doing, to continue. It is Law. What you ‘put out there’ in thought, word and deed, will manifest into what you are placing out there. It will return again, and again, and again. And not only to the one you are criticizing, but also to the one who is being critical. It will show up as getting more things to feel critical about.

To improve anything and anyone, there are just three words to remember: Love Reflects Love.
(For more information on this please consult the book “Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures,” by Mary Baker Eddy.)

Love heals. Love is the Energy that we all are. It is also our Source. The best way to help ourselves to keep away criticism and to Be Love to all is to remember the following:

“If someone could read your mind, knowing exactly what you were thinking of them, would they be healed by it?

Remember, Love Reflects Love.

And what you do to someone, you do to you…..the circle is complete, as We Are All One.

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