Realization #73 – Despair and Perception

Unity brings clarity; despair is a result of feeling left without options…..feeling alone.

It is an illusion to feel alone; we are never alone, but part of the Grander Whole.

But, what to do when one feels despair? The usual ideas of calling a friend, looking for support, etc….well, they may work for a while….that is, until one is alone again, either tucked into bed, with the lights off, or just by oneself. Either way, no matter whom you are, or what you do, there is a time during the day or evening, or late at night, when one is considered “alone.” Even if you have a life partner, and are tucked into bed with that person, once they fall asleep, that feeling, at times will come back…..that feeling of being all alone. And this feeling of ‘alone,’ is amplified when one is in despair.

When we have a problem, we usually go through endless possibilities to solve it. Our brain works that way. But when we ‘run out of ideas,’ so to speak, there is One Source that can be turned to, or rather, for us to ‘tune into.’ That Source is God/Universe/One Mind/Love.

When all is said and done, and no matter what religion, or without religion, there is always one prayer that is Universal; that prayer is a simple asking and THANKING for “HELP.”

With Gratitude comes an instant peace; for that prayer of gratitude means “hope.” And as long as just one has that hope, all not only will be well, but IS well.

For the One that always has “hope,” is God. And, we ARE THAT; a True Reflection. You may not be aware of it, but it is the Truth of whom we all are.

The next time you feel despair, acknowledge it, see through it, feel it without doing anything, and then Thank God/Universe/Mind/All That Is, for help.

It will be given, for as it is said, “…even before you have asked, I have answered.”

A true prayer is a prayer of appreciation rather than supplication. For it is stating that it is already there, and the Universe complies with “yes, it is!”

Thankfulness replaces despair. Love replaces Fear.

And feeling all alone, is after all, just a state of the mind. Perception is everything, and truly
everything is Perception. Remember, every problem is really an opportunity in disguise; a chance to decide what we wish to be in Relation to it.

Despair, too, is a state of ‘mind.’ And so, once again, all is a choice; seeing something, and deciding how we will perceive it, and then what we will decide to be in relation to it.

The good part is, we can always change our perception. All it takes is the awareness….always, endless possibilities.


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