Realization #74 – The Contextual Field of Relativity


We all walk along, throughout our lives, and live our days hoping that  ‘all goes well.’

We stress about life experiences that do not seem pleasant, and focus on how bad things are, or the possibility of them getting worse, and then, we manipulate all we can to do our best to ‘solve’ the problem.

It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a ‘bad guy or a good guy’ (no gender differences intended here!)…. we all do this.

Remember, “bad people” do not know they are bad….they are asleep, and also wish to have things going ‘good’ for them. The difference between the ‘good and the bad people’ is that the good want things also going well for others, as well as themselves. The ‘sleeping souls,’ are only interested in their own life experience. In other words, a microcosm of separation (asleep), rather than Unity (enlightened).

We come into the world innocent, and the environment is either hostile, loving, or somewhere in between. Seemingly, it all appears to depend on how we ‘act.’ If we behave ‘well,’ ‘compliant,’ ‘obedient,’ etc., usually, but not always, we are not reprimanded, or at the worst,  abused.

But what about those times that we ‘do nothing wrong,’ and are punished, sometimes severely. The child who is beaten because his or her alcoholic or drug addicted parent had a bad day, and transfers all onto that child. Or the child or spouse who innocently does something that they really don’t realize would upset their parent or spouse, and is cruelly reprimanded, either emotionally, physically, or both.

We walk along throughout our lives, trying our best to stay away from loss, pain and humiliation, and yet time and time again, we often have it come right into our reality. We usually get frightened, feel anger, or sadly just adjust to it, waiting for it to return, as part of our ‘normal life.’

However, the Truth is this…..there is only Love. Anything other than that is an illusion. The fear that creeps in, the error of peoples’ ways, the abuse, etc., are all just ‘points of reference,’ to help us create the OPPOSITE in this ‘reality.’

It is what is known as “The Contextual Field.”

The more advanced a society is/a Soul is, the more the point of reference or ‘contextual field,’ will be further away in our life experiences. In other words, it is there somewhere, but not in our reality, called our LIFE.

How do we do this? How do we keep that point of reference out of our way, so to speak?

It’s all about  perception of everything, every life experience, and everyone. It’s all about then, how you are FEELING. And, finally it’s all about what your thoughts appear as, based on your feelings, and finally, what you decide to BE about it all (and possibly what you ‘do’).

That is why all great Masters and Messengers of  the world are always telling us to ‘Be Love.’  This will keep the ‘point of reference’ far away from us. Another term noted and heard of many times, is “being in the world, but not of it.”

How do we do this? How do we let hard challenges just not touch us?  One way is by reminding ourselves until it becomes ‘second nature,’ (actually IT IS our ‘nature’) to be Love; to know our freedom as Reflections of God/Spirits having a human experience/dream.

Once again…’s all about Gratitude, and if you cannot do this for someone, whatever you wish for, cause another to have it, and it will also be yours. Why? Because we are All One. What you do for another, you do for you. As long as the intention is pure, which means that you really wish another to prosper, you will also be given that gift you are giving.

And yes, there are children whom are abused. You may ask what could they have done to deserve this? This is not about right or wrong, or judging in any way, but about understanding. Expanding ones’ perception to remember that, as The Christ demonstrated, every little Soul, comes into this world to  Be something, in order to evolve and help others to evolve. In other words, Love enhances. And it may just be that a child or an innocent person whom has done nothing wrong but suffers, has decided before birth to Be a victim to someone, in order for that ‘perpetrator’ to grow, to wake up, to evolve. Therefore, that child may be a Master, whom has come, just to ‘save’ that Soul; to allow that person the experience of being the perpetrator, so that they will realize what they will never wish to be again.

For as stated in many books….no Soul can do anything to another Soul  without their permission. Of course, this is on a metaphysical level, and many do not remember the ‘agreement’ before birth, but each Soul is on it’s own journey, and this is truly between them and God/One Mind/Love, involving their own Spiritual evolution.

As stated , and asked, ‘Why didn’t Jesus heal the whole world, as he could have?’  Why?  Because they didn’t ask.  Jesus, as a Master, knew that every Soul has it’s own ‘agenda’ so to speak, and understood to not intrude, but rather allowed that Soul to develop and grow according to it’s own choices (free will).

The contextual field exists, as simply a point of reference, so that we may have the experience of choosing, in relation to something else. For one cannot experience hot, unless knowing cold; up unless knowing down, and Love unless knowing fear.

There is only Love. The rest is an illusion in which to create yourself in your Grandest and Greatest Vision and Version you have ever had about yourself.  Therefore, it’s important never to dwell on what is NOT happening, on what you do not have, nor any negative thought, for you bring about to yourself, what you focus on.  (Energy Flows Where Attention Goes!)

Instead, focus on the Truth of whom you Really Are; a Spirit having a human experience; a Magnificent Sacred Design of the Universe/One Mind/The Great I AM, and allow the reference point of error  to be only existing as a tool to create the opposite of it.


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