Realization #76 – Falling Apart

I remember somewhere I had heard the expression, “….When things are falling apart, they are really falling together.” That was a wonderful statement to hear, as long as nothing was really falling apart.

But (and this is crucial) WHEN things feel or seem, or ARE falling apart, how many of us can pull ourselves away, even for a moment, and think this way? Not many. And the question is…..WHY?

Why do we let ourselves get wrapped up in the drama? Why do we let ourselves get caught up in emotional trauma that is not our ‘doing?’ Answer: it IS our doing. We create all of it, with our thoughts, as everything on the outside of you, is a reflection of what is TRULY going on within.

Hard to accept at times, isn’t it? Well, unless we take responsibility for all of it, we cannot change ANY of it. We are pure reflections of God; we are Spirit, not matter. We are an Intelligent Idea in the Sacred Design of the Universe/One Mind/God/ All that Is. We come here for a purpose and everything that comes into our reality is because, on some level, we desire it.

When someone is in trouble, it is our natural state to wish to help. For the Truth is, what blesses one, blesses all. What you do for someone else, you do for you, for we are all connected….We are All One.

This is not to say that we choose ‘consciously’ to suffer or to be victimized. It is rather a decision, a Soul decision, in order to decide what we wish to be in relation to it all…that is why all holy collaborations are called “relationships.” (This is all explained in depth, in a wonderful book, called Conversations With God, Book 1, by Neale Donald Walsch).

If we look around us, many of us see that things are not the way we may desire or wish We wonder how others even handle their lives, if it appears more challenging than our own; we sometimes may day dream about a better life than what we have, no matter what we own or whom we have to share our moments with.

In truth, usually things appear as if they are falling apart because we have been trying to manipulate the Universe. We, within the confines of our physical structures, do all we can to ‘get our own way.’ Oftentimes, we really don’t know what ‘our way’ will eventually lead us to. We sometimes marry the wrong person, and live in quiet desperation, waiting to die, but afraid to. We choose a job we do not like because we went to school for it, and feel we cannot change at this late stage of our lifetime. We also close off those around us, thinking that we can just numb ourselves by using either legal or illegal substances.

And we will do this until we do not.

But the Truth of who we Really Are, is Pure Perfection; There is nothing we have to do, and no where we have to go; we create every rule and regulation that we live by. We do this to stop ‘Things from Falling Apart….’

Only problem is that it doesn’t prevent that at all.

LISTENING with your heart; FEELING with your Soul; DECIDING what you wish to be in your GREATEST and GRANDEST version and vision of yourself, of Who You Really Are (which is Spirit)…that is why we are here….

….and that is what causes it all to finally “fall together.”

And, if you cannot do for yourself, do for another, and it will be done onto you as well, for we truly are all One Mind/Spirit.

Remember, …’Everything’s ok in the end; if it’s not ok, then it’s not the end.’

Blessed Be.

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