Realization #77 – Service-to-Self/Service-to-Others

We all wish to do well. Even ‘bad people,’ desire recognition for a
‘job well done.’ (Of course there is no ‘bad or good;’ it’s all perception,
but for argument’s sake, we will use that terminology for this writing.)

But the question is ‘why are we doing whatever we are doing? Whom is it REALLY for?
Is it for Ourselves or another?

We all vibrate at a certain frequency, based on how we feel, which is based on
emotions that produce our thoughts. So many times, it takes a strong effort
to even TRY to monitor our thoughts, let alone how we are feeling.

Service-to-Self implies that we are focusing on what pleases us and only us.
We plan, scheme, manipulate as much as we can within the constraints of ‘our
world,’ (in other words, ‘our reality’). We do this to ‘serve ourselves,’ or ‘make
ourselves happy.’ This is not a bad thing. It’s important to be Happy. However,
what makes us feel happy, is all about how Spirituality evolved we are.

What makes you feel good? What means recreation to YOU? What brings you joy?

All these questions, and the answers produced, will give you insight as to where you are,
Spiritually speaking. Are you in the frequency of “Service-to-Self,” or “Service-to-Others?”

All Masters know that to be of Service-to-Others is to take care of Self in the Highest Way.
For we are All One, and therefore, what you do to another, you do to yourself. Jesus Christ
had stated this, ‘what you do to my brethren, you do to me…’……….and so have other Masters throughout the centuries.

To quote something I read a few days ago, (writer unknown):

“Humans who are not ready to leave 3rd Density when they die will not reincarnate on Earth.
As the Earth is scheduled to become a home for 4th Density entities in the Service-to-Other, these
3rd Density entities will go to a new world elsewhere in the Universe. This is speaking of spiritual readiness to leave 3rd Density, that the spirits incarnating in these humans have not made their determination whether to be Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other. This is not an intellectual choice but rather an emotional choice, and one followed by actions demonstrating that the choice is solid and unwavering.”

If you cannot do for yourself, do for another; it will then be given to you also.

Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other…..what do you wish to be in relation to this question?

As always, it is all choice.


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