Realization #78 – Impatience

So many times we do things we don’t mean to do…we say and behave in ways that are unimaginable, almost feeling like someone else is ‘doing the deed.’ We even THINK about things that we can’t believe we do, all the while, regretting, or feeling guilty.

We wonder how we ever got to where we are or more so, how we are ever going to change US.

Many have tried and tried and TRIED to read and/or do anything they can to help themselves get to that point; that Peace….we all will get there; it’s just a question of which ‘moment’ it will show up in our reality.

There is no “when,” for there is no Time. All is Now. We do without doing and everything gets done.

A good story to remember is that of the Farmer who went out at night, and tugged on the young tender shoots of his plants, hoping to make them grow faster. We all know what that will do….it will destroy the plant. Remember that too, is true for all of Us.

So, be gentle with yourselves, Dear Ones, and know that all is possible; there is No Time in the Mind of God.

As the Bible states, “Be Still, and Know that I AM God.

Time is an illusion; know that All comes in it’s most proper and most perfect ‘Moment of Now.”

Blessed Be!

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