Realization #79 – Completion, Part 1

Completion is satisfying. However, there is something to it that no one ever talks about, and that is the part of completion that simply leads to ‘doing,’ something more….or starting all over again. Not necessarily doing the same thing you have just completed (although some also do that!), but the ‘starting up,’ again decision.

In fact, one of the ways people feel they have literally ‘burned out’ for a while is when they do NOT wish to start anything new, and THAT is a danger sign! For We, as Spirits having a human experience, always are up to something! In other words, we are for the most part, always journeying to complete something new that we have started. And even before we ‘officially’ start up something new, we feel that passion, and that passion is one aspect of God/Love.

Evolution is also another aspect of our Divine Self….. for God is Life and Love, which means Expansion, Evolution; a moving, flowing Energy.


I notice people who have completed many aspects of Self. That can mean they have succeeded in something they had wished to accomplish, or something that is still in the dreaming stage. Whether it means aspiring to greatness through their gifts, (such as music or art), giving all they can to their careers, raising their families, etc., all aspire to a higher level of experience, striving to complete their goals.

One example, in observation of many song writers and artists, once they have reached their personal goals, they will Spiritually awaken to Who They Really Are, and will decide to help others to do so. They will bring a message to the world, with the intention of Unity and Love.

We are all on a pathway to completion, but is there ever a time when we are done?

To finish a project brings fulfillment; a sense of accomplishment. We seem to be forever on a journey of trying our best to complete something….AND as soon as we do so, we are off on another ‘project,’ so to speak.

We do this continually, as life is ever expanding; for in Truth, we are all on a constant journey some call Evolution.

Whatever name you give it, YOU ARE THAT….LIFE, LOVE, PASSION; a Sacred, Magnificent Design of the Universe, and that is our Soul/Sole purpose…to expand and evolve.

But what happens when we are Ascended, or as some call it, Christed? Are we still on a road of expansion or have we ‘completed’ our goal/task/evolutionary destination?

No, I do not believe we ever ‘stop evolving.’. For God is everything and everywhere, which includes all Good, All Love, All Passion, All Life.

For when we have aspired to the Christed Self, we will still aspire to do more. For that is Who We Really Are…..God Reflecting God, and when we are done with whatever we have set out to ‘do,’ or ‘experience,’ we will do more God-like deeds once we have Ascended; thereby eternally producing our Grandest and Greatest Version and Vision we have ever had about Ourselves.

Rest therefore, in the knowledge that when you have completed a goal or task, that it is perfectly natural to wish for more; to aspire to the demonstration of higher and higher aspects of you/God/Love.

And why do we do this? There truly is nothing else to do. We are all here to experience Love and to demonstrate Love. We are THAT (Love) conceptually, and being here in the physical realm allows for us to EXPERIENCE all aspects of what we are conceptually…..God/Universal Life Force/Love.

Be free in that knowing, and feel GOOD!


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