Realization #8 – Feeling Bad

Many ask, “why do bad things happen?” And “how can I be blamed for things beyond my control?” These are valid questions if you are using only your five senses….sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste…all tools to perceive our “material word;” the world of “matter.” The truth is that we also have emotions and thoughts, and while these cannot be “seen” in our world, they are real….we can feel them. The wind cannot be seen, but we can feel it. We see evidence of the wind by what it produces….storms, blown over trees, etc. What we do not realize is our feelings produce emotions that bring us an experience, just as the wind brings on a storm that we experience.

Feeling “bad” produces a type of storm in our lives….being in a frequency of feeling bad basically produces more things to feel bad about. You do not have to take this as fact. Just think back over your past, and really be objective, and think how you were “feeling” during those low points in your life…and right before something you would call “bad” happened? If you are really honest and objective about it, you will find that the more something bad happened, the more you felt badly about it, and the worse it got. Such is the case of “think positive” and good things will come. Many such books are written….

Now you may say to yourself, “wait a minute…I wasn’t feeling “bad” when this bad thing happened…so what about that…how did it start? Various ways….being “programmed” from childhood by well meaning adults…”don’t get your hopes up…,” or “nothing lasts,” or “sooner or later, people change,” and the lists goes on and on. Expectation of Good brings Good; Expectation of Bad brings Bad…it’s the Universal law; it works every time, and is working whether you believe it or not; whether you are aware of it or ignore it…it’s always working…creating, creating, creating…
So, as the saying goes, “be careful what you wish for….for it will come to you…” Good or bad…watch your thoughts and feelings, and think and feel only the Greatest and Grandest Version and Vision of yourself!

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