Realization #82 – Following Your Heart

How many times have we heard the expression, “follow your heart?” And how many times
did it just kind of glaze over us, not really doing so, nor understanding the true meaning of that statement?

Typically, we label such sayings as ‘old fashioned;’ cliches that just aren’t for our present circumstances, or for us. We believe or think that this is just got to be too simple! Follow our hearts? We can’t even seem to make a decision with our brain, let alone, using our heart!

But let us look deeper at this statement, for to follow one’s heart implies so much more than what it appears to be; for to follow one’s heart, means to follow one’s intuition, one’s FEELINGS, and that once again, goes right back to following God/One Mind/Universal Life Force.

Hence, to follow one’s heart simply means, that in our purest and most natural state of Being, our heart/intuition will always give us our most Highest and Greatest, Grandest Version and Vision of our Truth, and that Truth, as The Christ stated, ‘will set us free.’

Following your heart is really all about Trust; Trust in Oneself in our purest, and most Highest Form, and that, therefore, is Trusting God.

When you follow your heart, no matter what the outcome, you will know you are doing so because the decision will FEEL FREEING; it will FEEL EFFORTLESS, and, most importantly, it will FEEL GOOD.

It will also be the most loving decision manifested that will include loving others, and will create a decision that will also include, loving yourself.


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