Realization #83 – The Gift

We often think of a gift as something that is given to us; seldom do we think of a gift as something we are bestowing upon someone else.

How often have we ever thought of ourselves as a gift? We have been given so much; everything from how our amazing bodies work, how our mind creates and thinks, and most importantly, our life force, or as some would call it, our Spirit or Soul.

WE are the Gift. We are the Spiritual Ideas of God. We are here to demonstrate that. As we interact daily with others, everything that we decide to be, is in essence, a gift to all with whom we interact. Why? Because whatever we are being helps someone else decide what they wish to be, and that leads to our own evolution.

There are many states of “being; if one lies or deceives, they are literally stopping that other from experiencing Truth, and without Truth, the other whom is deceived, does not get a fair chance to decide whom they wish to be, (as to what may really be transpiring). However, choosing the Highest and Greatest, Grandest Vision and Version of Oneself, always leads to everyone’s Spiritual Evolution.

The first step, therefore, is always to know what a precious gift you are, and you do so just by ‘breathing.’ To live ‘Heaven on Earth,’ is all a matter of perspective, and what you wish to be in relation to everything, is as always, a choice..

Choosing to ‘Be,’ Love, always leads to more Love, and is always a gift, to others and, to oneself.


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  1. Halina - Flow~Integration Says:

    Yes, yes, yes! 🙂
    We are the gift, to be received and to be shared 🙂

    Joy to you!

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