Realization #84 – Release

Imagine an onion…so many layers…and we, like that onion, have many layers, wherein that still center of Light is there, but not always in plain view. We are constantly letting go, shedding….releasing…..old habits, old fears, new fears, and finally, ultimately, shedding the false illusion that we are separate.

If one truly looks at the world around them..all they really see is themselves. Yes, I know that is hard to take when we see chaos, strife, and cruelty. However, it does not mean that We Are THAT…..rather, it means that we, on some level, are doing that to ourselves; for what you don’t like in your reality that keeps showing up, is what you are doing to YOU. What you Love in your reality, and all the reasons why, is Who You REALLY ARE. The reason is that you cannot see it in another, unless you are also that, when it comes to Love. Therefore, what you Love about someone else, is who you Really Are.

Whatever is happening in your life that you do not like, it is you, doing that to you, for we are all One.

How to release this? How do we let what we do not wish to experience any longer, go, (leave as our experience in our reality)?

Well, first of all, you cannot give away anything that you do not already own; therefore, you must claim it as your own. Another way put, you must acknowledge that you are indeed doing this to yourself.

The next step is that you must let it go with LOVE. A simple statement that is very effective is as follows: “I do not wish to BE this any longer; I bless it on it’s way.” What you are doing with that statement is letting go with Love and Intention of Release. This will allow you to move forward Spiritually, as only when one let’s go with Love is there a true and complete release.

Everyone and everything shows up in our reality to give us a gift, (and as many have already heard, that is why it is called “the Present.”) and therefore, no matter what they are appearing as, they are there to give you the OPPORTUNITY to express yourself in whichever state of Being you wish.

To choose your greatest and grandest vision and version of yourself, always yields to the unfolding of ourselves, or rather the peeling away of the many layers, until that pure, still center of Love is reached.

That is what some call, Christed, or the “Christ Consciousness” in physicality.


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