Realization #86 – Faithful

What does it mean to you to be faithful? We often view this word as being true to one individual, whether it be a person, place or value. But true faithfulness comes from within, and is about giving homage to Oneself.

It is honoring thyself. It is Being that dedication to what you hold to as your Truth. Your Awareness is indicative of what that Truth is. Your Awareness leads to your perspective, which leads to your perception. This leads to your belief, which becomes your Truth, which supports your emotions, which turns into your reality. Where does your faithfulness enter in? It comes in the form of what you decide to be in relation to all of this.

Faithfulness is who and what you are Being in relation to all of Life itself….True Faithfulness is what you are being to you.

Do you honor yourself? If you have addictions, how is that honoring yourself? If you are telling untruths, how faithful are you to YOU? And what about Loving, yourself or others or both? What part of Faithfulness is that?

In the Highest sense, Faithfulness is God in physicality being true to God.

We are all “Faithful.” It’s just that not all of us Know it, that is, until we do.

And in that moment Dear Ones, we live “Heaven on Earth.”


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