REALIZATION #87 – Over the Limit

Ever hear that expression, “over the limit?” We usually think about credit card balances, or some other kind of excessive situation that just seemed to get past us. And…there is usually some kind of fine/fee charged.

Over the limit never usually means anything positive. It implies some sort of indulgence that we are to be reprimanded for.

Limits are something we make up. We decide what we can have, be, or demonstrate; we then usually impose this new ‘law/limit” on others. I suppose this somehow makes the ‘limit’ more acceptable if we can get someone else to take on this limit too. When others do not comply, we usually provide some kind of punishment or consequence because of this non-compliance, ie., they are not agreeing with our purposed ‘limits.”

Limits are set, based on our perspective of life, and thus, of ourselves. We sometimes make them to keep ourselves in ‘check,’ believing that too much of a good thing can somehow hurt us. We stop dancing, eating, playing games, having fun, even stopping our own dreams from manifesting, all because we set a limit on what we can have or deserve to have.

The biggest limit we set is how much Love we will give. We usually ‘limit’ loving to our immediate family, and sometimes even place a limit on that, or the amount of Love shown. We set a limit on what we will give to another, and sadly, base it on what we are getting from them.

Limiting Love is limiting Self. When we limit the Love we demonstrate, we are limiting the Love we are receiving. Why? Because once again, Everyone Is You. We are all One, and what you do to another, you do to yourself.

Love is many things; has many aspects to it. Love is also abundance. When you limit what you will give, even monetarily, you are limiting the flow of money or material items/experiences, coming back to you. The more we give, the more we receive, for both are infinite.

True giving is limitless. It does not mean you allow someone or some situation to take advantage of you, in that you are giving and being abused, or giving to someone whom did not ask for it, or does not honor and enhance your life also.

It does mean living in the knowing that to limit oneself always implies fear of some sort; living in a state of lack, or placing limits on someone else or oneself; both situations are always due to some kind of fear from ‘past data/past experiences.’ …..for to limit is to believe that there is not enough to share or to have; to believe that the supply is finite, and that you will not receive what it is you desire.

God is Infinite. God is All There is. God is limitless…..God is Love….AND….
we are That also, as we are true Reflections/Ideas/Spirits of God.

Therefore, we are truly limitless!


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