Realization #88 – A Gift to the World – Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to All!

This Christmas season, this holy season is very special. Why? Because where there is war on this planet, in the past, we have created a ‘cease-fire,’ just because of that day. We all have decided that for that one day, we would be at peace with each other.

Within all of us is that spark of Divinity. We know for one moment, perhaps, but we do KNOW that there is so much more to us than just a body or a brain.

The Christ taught us that what He can do, so can we. The message was and still is about the Divinity within all of us. The Truth of Whom We All Really Are.

The Gift was to demonstrate that Awareness, and to help us become Aware, so that someday, we too will do his works and greater.

This Christmas, this Holy season, whatever religion you may be, it is a blessing to help someone else remember that Divinity within themselves simply by Being That.

For Gratitude and Love uplift not only those you interact with and oneself, but bring that Awareness, that Gift that was demonstrated through The Christ, to all, to the whole massive Consciousness…One Planet, One Life.

Blessings for a most Merry Christmas, a most Happy Hanukkah and a very Happy, Healthy New Year to All!

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