Realization #89 – Resolution/Renounce (Welcoming 2012 with Love and Gratitude!)

There is only Love. There is nothing therefore to renounce. Any renouncing of anything is an untruth, for there is nothing but Love. We make up rules and regulations in order to feel we are doing ‘good’ and then punish ourselves if we don’t live up to these rules and regulations.

There is only God/Love. To renounce means you are doing your best to ‘not need’ something anymore, and in truth, you are without need.

Being in gratitude for all we have and all we are is enough…enough to keep everything we have and to need nothing (no thing).

There is no need for God in that needing implies we do not have God, and God is all we do have; all we truly Are. Therefore, we do not ‘need’ something we already have.

There is only one Being here, and that is Love….and….recognizing We Are That; we are Love, is a completeness that requires nothing else.

Pray (be in Gratitude, which is the True Prayer), for an uplifting of the Consciousness for All, including Self, for an awakening into the New Age,/the New Earth is what and why we have chosen to incarnate at this most Sacred time in our history.

All are Blessed..

All are part of this re-birthing….Welcome to this most Wonderful Year…2012!

Blessings for a most joyful new year, for this IS the year that is truly The New Age in full Glory!

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