Realization #9 – Feeling Love

Feeling Love? So many different types of Love….Love for one’s child? Romantic Love? Love for another that has been going on for years? Love for the planet, your pet, someone or some culture you are not involved with personally? A culture or someone you are involved with personally? A friend, sibling, parent? Other family members? Nature? A place, person or thing?

All forms of Love are from the same source….Pure Energy….God. Where there is Love, Fear can never stand in the same space. Love and Fear are not opposites.. Love and hate, as some believe are ‘opposite’ emotions, but on the same “spectrum.”
As long as you hate, you still have a ‘vested interest’ in that situation, and there still is energy and an emotion…same spectrum, only on the opposite side.

Love and fear are different….fear is the mere absence of Love. Same kind of thing as black being the absence of color…not the opposite of color. Therefore feelings of Love ful-FILLS us…fills up the feeling of a void, emptiness in one’s life, etc. Now, there really isn’t any void, as all there really is around and through us is Love. But you can imagine (by your perception of experiences) that there is a void, and feel an emptiness. That is why when we love someone, we feel “completed,” or we may say, now I am ‘complete,’ fulfilled, etc. But the truth is that you are already complete, and to share that ‘completeness’ with another is the highest form of displaying and showing True Love.

For Love never takes away or demands, but gives of itself, and becomes magnified. Therefore, it is only and always about what you are bringing to the relationship…what you are ‘putting into it,’ rather than what you are ‘getting from it, or out of it.’ True Love enhances another.

The only thing one needs to ask of someone in a true Love relationship, when asked “what do you want from me?’ Is to answer…’just breathe.’

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